Lecture’s Innovation

Healthy and Cheerful Comics During a Pandemic: “Petualangan Jojo anak Jatinangor”
First Edition

By: Dr. Susanne Dida, MM and Retasari Dewi, M.I.Kom

Cover Depan Komik Sehat Ceria di Masa Pandemi: Petualangan Jojo anak Jatinangor
edisi 1

After studying at home for a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools are finally open!

Jojo, who had been waiting for this moment, couldn’t hide his joy. How not, he can go back to playing with his friends, studying and doing assignments together without having to go through virtual.

Eits, but many new things and rules are now in effect due to this pandemic. Everyone, including Jojo, must understand and comply with this so that this pandemic ends quickly. What are the rules?

Check out the exciting story of Jojo Anak Jatinangor with his friends at Sehat Ceria in the Pandemic Period. Want to read Jojo’s story can Click Here.